What is wind mitigation?

Wind mitigation is an inspection that may qualify a property for discounts on windstorm insurance. These discounts reward those who have wind-resistance features on their property that decrease the amount of damage that may occur during a windstorm. Less damage equals less costs to insurance companies. These savings are passed on to the homeowner in the form of wind mitigation discounts.

What features are inspected during a Wind Mitigation Survey?

The primary factors in wind mitigation discounts are the wind-resistant features of the property. These features include concrete block construction, gable end bracing, a hip roof, the presence of a single or double roof straps, the type of roof covering, impact resistant glass, reinforced garage doors, window shutters, the presence of a secondary water resistance barrier, property opening protection and property topography. Use the wind mitigation certification, the insurance company will be able to calculate the amount of discount and refund. On average, homeowners save between 10% - 40% in the first year.

Why do I need protection against windstorms?

Windstorms may product severe damage to a home for several reasons. When strong winds assault your home, a number of forces come into play that will simultaneously create uplifting, shearing and lateral forces that cause massive destruction to a home. Often times they will also destroy windows and doors, allowing water in which will cause severe damage to the interior of a home. The high winds can also blow debris onto and into the home, further destroying the property. Worst of all, in the event of a breach of the homes outer shell, the high powered winds can cause the roof to come up or even off as the combination of forces at play wreak havoc on an unprotected structure. Installing wind-resistance features will help to protect your property and family from the damage of a windstorm.

What will the Wind Mitigation Inspector do during the inspection?

During a wind mitigation inspection, a certified expert inspector will come to your property and look for key features of your home that show that it will be less likely to be harmed or catastrophically damaged during a hurricane or strong wind storm. This allows the inspector to give your home a certificate stating that it is better equipped to endure such an event than a home lacking these features and, therefore, should not have to pay as much for insurance coverage. Since these types of structures suffer less wind damage, the insurers are willing to lower their fees. If that were not enough, many states mandate that insurance companies reduce their rates for homes with certain wind mitigation features. So, with a wind mitigation certificate in hand, you are guaranteed to pay less money per month than a home owner who does not. You may even qualify for a refund check from your insurer once you have had your home inspected.

How do I find a Wind Mitigation Inspector?

To find a wind mitigation inspector, fill out the contact form on the wind mitigation home page. The site will instantly locate a local inspector and display you the inspectors contact information. Wind mitigation inspection fees are reasonable, and usually recouped in the first couple months savings. The inspection will cost around $150 dollars and take about an hour, depending on the property size. Typical savings realized by the home owner after an inspection may be around 10% to 45%. When inspecting, the inspector will only inspect for features outlined as qualifying for windstorm discounts according to your insurance carrier. They will not report anything else to the insurance company.

Make the choice to have your home inspected by a certified wind mitigation inspector and begin enjoying lower insurance payments.

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